Our story begins with Francis Jacob I, adventurous in spirit and perfectionist by nature, set sail in the early 1950s for the United Kingdom. Crossing the English Channel years ago is a journey few encountered, but he was daring and determined to source only the finest wool and textiles for his upscale tailors and retailers back in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Quite the dashing figure, he wooed the world with love and fashion. With a cigar in hand, quick wit and impeccable dress, he was the epitome of cool and class.

“ Carry yourself with dignity. Stride in style. ”

-Francis Jacob-

Today, his namesake crossed the Atlantic and launched “Francis Jacob,” guided on the same principle that quality begins with the finest materials. Francis Jacob’s approach stems from his traditional roots and worldly perspective, influenced by living throughout various parts of Europe. Spanning cultures and generations, combining old world with new, his European design complemented by superior craftsmanship, has curated into dress shirts full of details, unmatched in quality and style.


We are committed to bringing only the finest materials and time-tested processes, supporting the foundation for classic, luxury style and impeccable shirtmaking. We partner with the world's finest artisans and mills who share our deep tradition and rich heritage to create exemplary garments. The history, lineage and unique skills developed over generations have cultivated into a dedication to quality, craftsmanship and detail exuding refinement, sophistication and regality.

We believe classic elegance and flawless artisanship will always be in vogue. By accessing and fusing the world’s best, we create timeless designs with a modern approach transcending generations and cultures. Through this, we are able to share our love of the world and the items we have enjoyed over the years that have come to define us. We hope to be part of your journey as you define your own world.